9-Pack of Alter Ego

Alter Ego 9- 12oz cans

Our latest Riff is named after coffee’s lesser known counterpart. A sparkling plant-powered, natural energy drink—perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. Brewed from the little-known fruity pulp of the coffee plant that (tastes nothing like coffee, btw), Alter Ego is full of simple ingredients and clean caffeine that will get you through your day jitter free.

Available in Original, Blackberry and Guava Passionfruit. Or order a variety pack so you can taste them all and find your favorite! 


  • NATURAL ENERGY: Cold brewed from the fruit of the coffee plant — cascara is the naturally sweet, naturally caffeinated, nutrient-rich pulp that surrounds the coffee bean until harvest.
  • LOW SUGAR, LOW CALORIE, SHELF-STABLE: An all-natural alternative to popular synthetic energy drinks as our ingredients you can pronounce and are not created in a lab.
  • 100 MG OF CAFFEINE: Each 12oz serving comes in a can, convenient for on the go and delivers 100mg of caffeine. Perfect companion to your lunch or when you need a non jittery boost throughout your day.
  • 1% FOR THE PLANET: We donate 1% of revenue from the sale of Alter Ego to coffee focused environmental partners each year.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL IMPACT: The delicious fruit of the coffee plant is traditionally discarded in the harvesting process. By upcycling coffee fruit into new revenue streams, hard-working coffee farmers can potentially double their income with little to no additional investment.

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