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My kind of energy drink!

I often treat myself to one of these as an energy boost to get through afternoons chock full of meetings. I avoid other energy drinks like the plague - all sorts of nastiness in them and I end up feeling jittery and awful. I feel good about this choice: natural product, easy and short list of ingredients, and good for the planet, too. Get-It Guava for the win!

Great Tasting Alternative For a little Boost in my day!

I've grown to really enjoy and appreciate the pure, healthy ingredients that taste Great!

My new go-to afternoon drink!

This drink is exactly what I was looking for. Natural caffeine, low sugar, vitamins... plus it's good for the earth! This is my new go-to afternoon beverage!

Love This Product and Company! 5+++

I love the sustainability story behind this company. The upcycled cascara fruit and clean ingredients make me feel great about drinking the products. I'm enjoying all of the flavors equally and find that my energy is sustained throughout the day. Thank you for making such a nutritious and impactful product!

Yum. All 3 For Me!

Get rid of those energy drinks that taste like chemicals and drop you in a hole when they "wear off". This amazing cascara beverage will take the place of those and make you so happy you switched. Clean, pure, tasty, refreshing and they provide the boost you need without the painful let down of typical energy drinks. I buy the variety packs because I just can't choose a favorite!

Cascara whaaaaa?

I’m a big coffee drinker but didn’t know how much waste it produced. I LOVE that this crisp bright beverage majestic great use of what has historically been seen as waste. Help the planet, get a healthy boost, and do good for you too! I like the guava, but my partner is team berry.

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Healthy, Natural Energy

Brewed from the fruit of the coffee plant, the naturally sweet, naturally caffeinated, nutrient-rich pulp that surrounds the coffee bean until harvest.

1/2 the Sugar and 1/3 the Calories of Guayakí

An all-natural, low sugar, low calorie alternative to popular synthetic energy drinks with ingredients you can pronounce.

As Much Caffeine As A Cup of Coffee

Each 12oz serving comes in a can, convenient for on the go and delivers 100mg of caffeine. Perfect companion to your lunch or when you need a non jittery boost throughout your day.

The 1st energy drink
that's Good For You and
Good For The Planet

Made for every moment of the day especially when you need it.

The Cure to the Afternoon Slump

The Adventure Sidekick

The Stay Out Late Fuel 

"It’s like drinking a caffeinated La Croix, but actually good."

Paul D

"These are a perfect amount of sweet!"