Hey, we're Riff!

Here, we celebrate 100% of the coffee plant’s agricultural value.

We’re a coffee company based in Bend, Oregon. In 2018, we launched its line of ready-to-drink cold-brewed coffees and recently launched Alter Ego, a natural energy drink brewed from upcycled coffee fruit (cascara). By utilizing 100% of the harvested coffee, we’re helping create a win-win-win-win scenario by providing a big boost for coffee farmers, adding sustainability to the coffee industry, reducing the impact on the environment, and delivering a clean label energy drink to consumers.

here's how we're making a positive impact:

1% for the planet

Riff is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating sales to non-profits in coffee growing regions.

environmental sustainability

Coffee fruit is traditionally discarded after the harvest. Through upcycling coffee fruit, we can reduce the greatest threat to the coffee industry…climate change.

job creation

Employment opportunities can double throughout the supply chain by increasing demand for coffee fruit.

meet the team

paul evers

Co-Founder and CEO

julie galbraith

Chief Marketing Officer

colin mccall

Chief Development Officer

kevin smyth

Co-Founder and COO

david seward

Brewing Manager

remy mason

Taproom Manager

nate armbrust

Co-Founder and Director of Innovation

bobby evers

Co-Founder and Creative Director

deb sindayen

Production Specialist

steve barham


jeanine faria