Feel good fuel.
All of our drinks are naturally caffeinated and full of pure, delicious ingredients.

natural energy drinks

A sparkling plant-powered, natural energy drink. Brewed from the little-known fruity pulp of the coffee plant that (tastes nothing like coffee, btw), Alter Ego is full of simple ingredients and clean caffeine that will get you through your day, jitter-free.

meet alter ego

Alter Ego is brewed from the fruity pulp of the coffee plant (that tastes nothing like coffee BTW). It is naturally caffeinated, has pure ingredients, tastes delicious and provides all-day energy without the jitters or crash.

made for every moment of the day - especially when you need it!

The Cure for the Afternoon Slump

The Pick-Me-Up for Your Workout

The Stay Out Late Fuel 

cold brewed coffee

There are a million ways to brew and blend coffee. Ours are brewed slow ‘n’ cold instead of fast ‘n’ hot—leaving the acidity and bitterness behind.

In Pursuit of the Best

 Making delicious products require the best ingredients. We don’t skimp! We source the highest quality coffee and coffee fruit from around the world and only put the essentials in each bottle.

Made by Real People

Based in Bend, Oregon our team is made up of passionate industry veterans who are obsessed with all things community, coffee and living Riff’s values.

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