Feel good fuel.

America’s First Certified Carbon Neutral Energy Drink

Energy+ Immunity

A brand new Certified Carbon Neutral, Plant-Powered Sparkling Energy Drink that's loaded with immunity boosting vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, pure ingredients and clean caffeine.

Made from cascara, Riff's feel-good fuel is carbon neutral and made from ingredients that reduce waste in the coffee industry...a happy hug for you and the planet! If you love the lift without the crash and just-right sweetness without a bunch of artificial stuff, Energy+ Immunity is the plant-powered path to feel-good fun.

Made for every moment of the day

especially when you need it.

The Cure to the Afternoon Slump

The Adventure Sidekick

The Stay Out Late Fuel 

Cold Brewed Coffee

We’re purists and only brew using the best coffee we can get our hands on with the Cascade mountain water right here in our backyard. We brew ours slow ‘n’ cold, leaving the acidity and bitterness behind.

In Pursuit of the Best

Making delicious products require the best ingredients. We don’t skimp! We source the highest quality coffee and coffee fruit from around the world and only put the essentials in each bottle.

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Made by Real People

Our team is made up of passionate explorers and entrepreneurs who are obsessed with all things community, coffee and living Riff’s values.

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