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Only two ingredients; premium coffee and Cascade Mountain water sourced right in our own backyard.
    • Off The Cuff (Organic) - Award-winning  Premium South American cold brew. Strong and bold with notes of Dark Chocolate and Toffee. 10 servings. ~300mg caffeine per serving.
    • Southpaw (Half-Caff) - Premium South American cold brew with half the caffeine as Off The Cuff. Strong and bold with notes of Caramel & Chocolate. 10 servings. ~150mg caffeine per serving.
    • Arm In Arm - Award-winning  Premium Ethiopian cold brew. Bright and crisp with notes of red berry and stone fruit. 10 servings.  ~300mg caffeine per serving.

    • Arm In Arm (Concentrate) - Same goodness as our Arm In Arm, but as a concentrate (you’ll have to add water). Light and crisp with notes of red berry and stone fruit. 20 servings. 
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No Sugar • No Additives • No Compromise

Cold Brew(ed) Coffee

There are a million ways to brew, blend, and package up coffee. Ours are brewed slow ‘n’ cold instead of fast ‘n’ hot—leaving the acidity and bitterness behind. And we felt the full breadth of coffee taste has yet to be fully explored.

Our Process

A collaboration between our brewer and roaster, they talk about flavor profiles until they narrow in on the taste they want to achieve. Testing, talking, and tasting ensues before they accomplish a flavor that gets them fired up. The beans are ground and steeped in cool water for approximately 15 hours while exposed to approximately zero heat. The result is a coffee that tastes amazing leaving behind acidic and bitter compounds.

Arm In Arm - 2019 Best Cold Brew

Cold Brew Fest

Off The Cuff - 2018 Best Cold Brew

Cold Brew Fest