Oh Hey! We're Riff.

Based in Bend, Oregon we're on a mission to explore and celebrate 100% of the coffee plant’s agricultural value.

We love coffee, and we love our planet. But we don’t love coffee’s impact on our planet, so we’re doing something about it by creating possibilities out of coffee beans and the whole dang coffee plant.

In 2017, we found ourselves trekking through a Colombian coffee field scouting out the best beans for our award-winning cold brew coffee. We plucked some tasty red berries right off the plants and got to thinking...as a coffee company, what could we do to keep them from being discarded and messing up the local fields and waterways?

When we discovered that the coffee fruit (called cascara) is packed with nutrients and natural caffeine, we were inspired to up-cycle the cascara and create a unique and delicious energy drink as a way to help keep the earth we love in balance, keeps fields and rivers healthy, and empowers small coffee farmers with a new source of income (without having to give up coffee, because...coffee).

So whether you’re in the mood for a hand-crafted cold brew or a plant-powered energy boost, Riff is a clean win for a more sustainable coffee industry.