What the FAQ?

Where can I track down Riff?

We are currently available in the Upper Left of the US, making our way through California, and available nationally on our website and on Amazon. Use our product locator to find a store near you. 

Is Riff fair trade?

Fair trade prices don't alway ensure a trickle down benefit to farmers. While our coffee does not have the official Fair Trade Certification, we are paying above fair trade prices and working with reputable, ethical importers, like our long-time friends at Thornton Family Roasters.

Is Riff organic?

We source our beans from organic farms, and our Off The Cuff cold brewed coffee is certified organic.

Can you tell me more about the Energy+ Immunity benefits?

You bet! Our Energy+ Immunity has a daily dose of immunity boosting vitamin C. You can dive into the full study here.