Best Cold Brew People's Choice Award

Best Cold Brew awardIn 2018, we competed in the world’s largest cold-brewed festival, Cold Brew Fest. Our company was still in its first year, but we won the 2018 Best Nitro Brew Industry’s Choice award for our “Off The Cuff” cold brew. 

The next year, a little older and a little wiser, we entered the renowned festival again. This time, we won the 2019 Best Still Cold Brew People’s Choice award for our Arm in Arm cold brew. This brew is light and crisp with notes of red berry and stone fruit. It’s still our most popular cold brew yet! It was an honor to share our craft with cold brew enthusiasts, and feel the love in return. 

For the time being, Cold Brew Fest is a virtual festival. We miss sharing our product with people face to face, but we’re thrilled at the idea for that opportunity in the future. 

You can shop here to get the Best Cold Brew delivered to you, or here to find the best cold brew in a store near you.