LIMITED RELEASE: Cold Brew Barrel-Aged Coffee

Riff Thorton Family Coffee Stoller Wine Cold Brew Barrel-Aged Coffee

A vintner, a roaster and a cold brewer walk into a bar...and voila! We aged some of our Arm In Arm whole bean green coffee in Syrah- soaked French Oak Barrels for a few weeks, allowing the beans to absorb delectable aromatic and flavor notes of oak, blackberry, and dark fruit. We are excited to share with you a very limited cold-brewed coffee release– a collaboration with our friends, Stoller Family Estate and Thornton Family Coffee Roasters.

Riff Cold Brew Barrel-Aged Coffee

There are very limited quantities available. You can get bottles only at Newport Ave Market and find nitro cold brew barrel-aged coffee on tap only at Stoller Wine Bar and Stoller Family Estates.