Now, what makes Energy+ carbon neutral?

Unlike other energy drinks, our main ingredient is upcycled, delicious cascara (coffee fruit). Cascara is often wasted by being discarded into landfills where it can produce harmful methane emissions, but upcycling cascara soon after it is picked from a tree can avoid these emissions - about 66 grams of avoided CO2-eq (carbon dioxide equivalent) per can.

That 66 grams per can means the emissions generated by all the other Energy+ ingredients during transportation and production, plus about 1/3rd of the aluminum can manufacturing emissions, are all offset by the upcycled cascara fruit. While one day we hope our upcycled cascara offsets all our production and materials emissions, in the meantime, we’re partnering with our friends at  Grow Ahead to plant shade trees on coffee farms to offset the small remaining balance. High five!

You can also help offset carbon emissions resulting from shipping the product to your door, by donating $1 to Grow Ahead to plant a tree at checkout. High ten!

And for bonus points, we're a part of 1% For The Planet—which means we donate 1% of revenue to non profits in coffee growing regions. Join us on our mission to help the planet, one delicious can at a time.