Upcycled Cascara

The superfruit thats been right under our noses.

Imagine picking a delicious fruit— say a peach or an apricot— fresh off the tree, then cutting it up to extract the pit, then roasting and grinding that pit in order to brew a hot beverage. All while taking the sweet, luscious, delicious fruit that surrounds the pit, and tossing it away.

Most people don’t realize that— just like that peach or apricot— coffee’s actually a fruit. Coffee beans aren’t really beans, but a two-headed seed surrounded by a fruity pulp. And that fruity pulp happens to be a super fruit called cascara.
Upcycling cascara
Instead of enjoying this superfruit, for generations it’s been piled in the back corners of farmers’ plantations, dumped in waterways, and sent off to landfill, wreaking havoc on the environment by damaging soils and water tables, killing off fish and aquatic life, and producing 31B lbs of carbon dioxide annually. That’s the same level of emissions as 3 million automobiles in a single year.

Once we learned about the magnitude of cascara waste, we challenged ourselves to find a way to have maximum positive impact across the coffee industry. Our solution: we created a refreshing and delicious good for you and the planet beverage, made from upcycled cascara and full of energy and health benefits. 
By upcycling cascara and avoiding food waste, we can reduce coffee’s unintentional negative impact on the environment.