The 1st energy drink
that's Good For You and
Good For The Planet

Made for every moment of the day especially when you need it.

The Cure to the Afternoon Slump

The Adventure Sidekick

The Stay Out Late Fuel 

Healthy, Natural Energy

Brewed from the fruit of the coffee plant, the naturally sweet, naturally caffeinated, nutrient-rich pulp that surrounds the coffee bean until harvest.

1/2 the Sugar and 1/3 the Calories of Guayakí

An all-natural, low sugar, low calorie alternative to popular synthetic energy drinks with ingredients you can pronounce.

As Much Caffeine As A Cup of Coffee

Each 12oz serving comes in a can, convenient for on the go and delivers 100mg of caffeine. Perfect companion to your lunch or when you need a non jittery boost throughout your day.

NFL star Vernon Davis can’t get enough of Energy+!


"I love that Energy+ is better for me, and better for the planet. No crash or jitters, just plant-powered energy that gives me the boost I need to keep going throughout the day."

"It’s like drinking a caffeinated La Croix, but actually good."

Paul D

"These are a perfect amount of sweet!"