Can you imagine taking these delicious fruits...

and only enjoying the pit??

coffee’s a fruit and has two parts…

THE BEAN actually not a bean, but a 2-headed seed.
THE FRUIT a juicy pulp that surrounds the bean, called cascara, or as we call it, “coffee fruit.”

Upcycling Cascara

Instead of enjoying this superfruit, for generations it’s been piled in the back corners of farmers’ plantations, dumped in waterways, and sent off to landfills, wreaking havoc on the environment by damaging soils and water tables, killing off fish and aquatic life, and producing methane gas equivalent to 31B lbs of carbon dioxide annually. That’s the same level of emissions as 3 million automobiles in a single year. 

Our Solution

We created a refreshing and delicious good for you and the planet beverage, made from upcycled cascara and full of energy and health benefits.

And that's what we call a win-win-win.

Upcycling cascara and avoiding food waste, Energy+ is carbon neutral, and party of 1% For The Planet—donating 1% of revenue to non profits in coffee growing regions.

Creating an opportunity to double income and employment for coffee farmers by generating demand for cascara.

Reducing the coffee industry's contribution to climate change by utilizing 100% of the coffee plant’s agricultural value.