What makes Energy+ carbon neutral?

Unlike other energy drinks, our main ingredient is upcycled, delicious cascara (coffee fruit). Cascara is often wasted by being discarded into landfills where it can produce harmful methane emissions, but upcycling cascara soon after it is picked from a tree can avoid these emissions - about 35 grams of avoided CO2-eq (carbon dioxide equivalent) per can. Let us break it down for you.

Always striving.

We take our commitment to the environment seriously, and that all starts with ensuring that every can of Riff Energy+ is carbon neutral. But, we’re just starting out and in the short-term rely on (more than we’d like to) offsetting our carbon footprint with supporting reforestation projects in coffee growing regions. We’re excited to continue growing as we’ve identified several opportunities to gain significant carbon efficiencies with packaging materials and processes that will become more accessible with scale. And, we’re grateful to you for joining us in our cause to increase the health of our planet!

Energy+ Immunity

A brand new plant-powered sparkling energy drink that's loaded with immunity boosting vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, pure ingredients and clean caffeine.